Wire Wrapped Crystal Adornments

Making wire wrapped jewelry has been such a wonderful way for me to both express myself through an art form and connect with like-minded people.  Wicked Wire Crafts is a small business that I began in the fall of 2017 that has helped me grow as an artist and share my passion with others.

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Visit the Gallery to view some of my favorite creations!  I love challenging myself to make intricate wire shapes, and I am constantly finding inspiration in nature.  Turning nature's gifts into unique, one of a kind pendants is one of the most rewarding aspects of my life.


New Website, Same Excellent Service


Leaving my old platform as an Etsy seller and creating my own website from scratch has several benefits. However, I understand that many people have grown to trust Etsy shops more than individually operated online stores. I would like to reassure those people that I am the same artist and person with or without a largely known selling platform. Since the beginning of my small business, I have never received less than a 5 star review from a customer. I will continue to hold myself to this high standard and deliver excellent service.